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Bedflex Marine

The mobile slatted

• Flat slat system 3cm high.
• Made of multiple glued Beech wood.
• By shifting support rubbers on the slats the hardness can be adjusted to individual needs.
• A perfect aeration of the mattress ensures a healthy sleep climate without fungi.
• Any storage space easily accessible by the slats to roll.
• Easily customizable to any bunk size.
• High sleeping comfort

Double version:
• 140cm, 160cm and 180cm width
• 14 slats
• 42 connection rubbers
• 2 slats distance belts

Single version:
• 70cm and 90cm width
• 14 slats
• 28 connection rubbers
• 2 slats distance belts
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Afbeelding uitvergroten
Default implementation.
Slat thickness 8 mm.
Article Number Description
95780030 70 x 200cm
95780010 90 x 200cm
95780040 120 x 185cm
95780020 140 x 200cm
Luxury implementation
Slat thickness 10 mm.
Article Number Description
95780307 70 x 200cm
95780309 90 x 200cm
95780310 100 x 200cm
95780314 140 x 200cm
95780316 160 x 200cm
95780318 180 x 200cm
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