Stilla Bottle- and cupholder

This innovative and durable Stilla bottle and cup holder supplies a highly flexible solution for small and large boats. It fits into an existing cup holder or can replace the existing table by placing it on the pole. The multifunctional holders are suitable for various types of cups, glasses, and cans. In the middle of the holder, there is space for storing a standard champagne bottle or presenting snacks, for example. The four holders can be individually removed and stored inside the bottle holder. The STILLA is for 60% made of recycled fishing nets, making it an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice for those who want to reduce their impact on the environment and enjoy a day on the water

• Detachable and compact
o Fits in standard Ø70mm stainless steel cup holder or on a 60mm (2.36") table pole
• Internal diameter of cup holder: 66,5mm
• Internal diameter of bottle holder: 94mm
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94398010 bottle- and cupholder
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