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Talamex kapok cushions

Cushion filled with 100% kapok fillings. Made for a comfortable seat and acts as float in case of emergency. Cotton cover with rope line.
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Afbeelding uitvergroten
Article Number Colour L x W x H cm
79505003 Single cushion blue 35 x 46 x 13
79505013 Single cushion striped blue/white 35 x 46 x 13
79505004 Single cushion antracite 35 x 46 x 13
79505005 Single cushion bordeaux 35 x 46 x 13
79505100 Double cushion blue 70 x 46 x 13
79505113 Double cushion striped blue/white 70 x 46 x 13
79505101 Double cushion antracite 70 x 46 x 13
79505102 Double cushion bordeaux 70 x 46 x 13
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