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Tri-colour lights and tri-colour combined/ sternlight, AS 40 series

Three different versions available:
- Combined three colours/anchor
- Combined three colours/anchor/flash Lantern.

Polycarbonate housing, a-magnetic, seawater resistant and shock-resistant
Glass: Plastic, shock- and saltwater resistant
Scope: 2 nautical miles (Flash 3 nautical miles)
Sealing according to IP55
Three colours 2-pole, three colours/signal 3-pole, three colours/signal/flash 4-pole. BAY15d
Ø 89mm.
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Afbeelding uitvergroten
Article Number Description Boat lenght Wattage Visability Mounting Height mm
12524003 Tri-colour < 20m 25W 2nm deck 124
12527003 Tri-colour quickfit < 20m 25W 2nm deck 166
12524004 Tri-colour/signal < 20m 25W Tri-colour, 10W signal 2nm deck 221
12527004 Tri-colour/anchor Quickfit < 20m 25W Tri-colour, 10W signal 2nm deck 263
12527002 Tri-colour/Anchor Strobe-light Quickfit < 20m 25W Tri-colour, 10W Anchor, 8Ws Strobe-light 2nm, 3nm Strobe-light deck 263
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