LED Pole Mounted Articulating Light

The Light Armor Series is a premium quality navigation lighting. The materials used are highly constructed, durable and streamlined. Patented LED technology combined with optimized lenses guarantee high light output with low consumption.
• Meets: EN/ISO 19009:2015, USCG, 72colregs
• 2NM view for ships up to 12 meters
• 10.5 – 14.4 VDC
• + 50,000 Burn hours
• Fully sealed LED unit
• Aluminium anodized leg
• Models on pole with hinged lamp
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Article Number Description
12543110 360° on pole, straight, 61cm
12543111 360° on pole, straight, 106cm
12543112 360° on pole, straight, 137cm
12543115 360° on pole, foldable, 51cm, horizontal
12543116 360° on pole, foldable, 51cm, vertical
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