High Strength UHMWPE

Talamex High Strength is made of 12-plaited UHMWPE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene). Extremely strong line in combination with a very low weight. Fully braided from 100% UHMWPE, which means that the breaking strength is higher at equal diameters than lines with a polyester cover. Ideal as a practical alternative to e.g., steel wire. Widely applicable in water sports as trim line, halyard, railing wire, hoist, etc. Also suitable for various industrial applications, fishing, etc. These lines are black coated and are supplied on a handy spool with a line length of 50 meters.

• Extremely high breaking strength
• Extremely low stretch
• Floats on water
• Low weight
• High wear resistance
• UV resistant by means of PU coating

12 plaited
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Afbeelding uitvergroten
Article Number Colour Ø mm Length m Breakingload in daN
01920970 black 3 50 800
01920971 black 4 50 1600
01920972 black 5 50 2200
01920973 black 6 50 3300
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