Batteries and chargers

The Maxxpack batteries and chargers all work with the 18V platform on which up to 30 machines from Batavia can run. The batteries are available in three capacities. The charges are also available in different models, from standard to fast chargers but also a charger with a 12V power supply, handy on board of boats without 220V power or shore power options.
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Article Number Description
33322215 Maxxpack 18V battery 2Ah
33322216 Maxxpack 18V battery 4Ah
33322217 Maxxpack 18V battery 5Ah
33322220 33322220 33322220 33322220
Article Number Description
33322220 Maxxpack 18V charger 2.4Ah
33322221 Maxxpack 18V charger 2.2Ah (12V power supply)
33322222 Maxxpack 18V fast-charger 4Ah
33322223 Maxxpack 18V duo-charger 2 x 3.5Ah
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