USB adapter & flashlight Maxxpack

With the USB charger adapter and flashlight, you can easily turn your 18V Maxxpack battery into a portable power source. This makes it the perfect power bank for charging small electronic devices, like your phone or tablet, everywhere! It is even possible to charge two devices at the same time!
The USB charger adapter is also a multifunctional adapter. You can use it for charging USB devices and as a bright flashlight. Best of all, you can even use this adapter with all Maxxpack batteries. So whether you have a 2Ah, 4Ah or a 5Ah battery, this product is the perfect accessory for it!

• Battery voltage 18V Li-Ion
• USB output 5V / 2.4Ah
• USB ports 2
• LED power 2W
• With belt clip
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Article Number Description
33322237 18V USB charger + flashlight (without battery and charger)
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