Work Light LED Maxxpack

Thanks to the LED Work Light, you never have to work in the dark again. Whether you need a light in your boat, workshop, house, garage, or anywhere else, this 18V Battery Powered Work Light is all you need. The Work Floodlight can be used in four different brightness settings. You can use this light on 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. This way, you use a less bright setting when it is not completely dark yet, and provide yourself a longer runtime on one battery load. When it is completely dark, you can use the LED Work Light on 100% and work in a well-lit environment. The head of this work light can be horizontal and vertical rotated, which provides extra flexibility. This Cordless Portable Work Light has a clamp. Thanks to this clamp, you can attach the work light to a surface, which prevents the light from moving or falling.
How many lumens do you need for a Cordless Portable Work Light?
A normal LED Work Light contains between 100 and 5,000 lumens. This is a wide range of lumens, but there is no amount, which suits all locations, projects, or working environments. The larger the room you are working in or how further the light is away from your working area, how more lumens you need to lit up the environment. The Batavia LED Work Light has four different brightness settings. This allows you to adjust the brightness, to the environment you are working in.

• Product weight 1.1kg
• Product dimensions 15cm x 23.1cm x 18.4cm
• Battery voltage 18 V Li-Ion (Maxxpack)
• 70 pcs SMD LED 6500k
• IP Rating IP54
• IK Rating IK07
• Powe: 15W
• Luminance adjustment: 4 settings: 25%/50%/75%/100%
• With rotable lamp
• Including clamp

Runtime 2.0Ah battery: 25% - 10 hours, 50% - 5 hours, 75% - 3.5 hours, 100% - 2.5 hours
Runtime 4.0Ah battery: 25% - 20 hours, 50% - 10 hours, 75% - 7 hours, 100% - 5 hours
Runtime 5.0Ah battery:25% - 25 hours, 50% - 12.5 hours, 75% - 8.5 hours, 100% - 6.5 hours
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33322235 Work Light 18V LED (without battery and charger)
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