Besto Comfort Fit 165N


A newly designed infl atable lifejacket with the highest standards in terms of comfort . The comfort is achieved by the ergonomic design and a lightweight fl exible soft cover. The special back panel and adjustable rear strap , makes sure that the collar is held in the neck and creates an optimum weight / pressure distribution on the body for maximum comfort. This makes the lifejacket very comfortable to wear , even when worn for longer periods.


• Specially designed asymmetrical lung which quickly turns in the water
• High freeboard
• Maximum chin and head support
• 165 Newton buoyancy

Adult 50+ kg
Inflatable 165N
Halkey Roberts V90000
CO2 Cylinder
31-33gr CO2

Standard equipped with

• Strong YKK ‘burst zipper’ which keeps the lung in place
• Soft D-Ring harnass for weight reduction
• Crotch strap for optimal safety
• Refl ective panels outside
• Available in 5 diff erent colors
• Halkey Roberts V90000 system with Super bobbin
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Article Number Description
20427554 Black/Grey
20427555 Black/Green
20427556 Black/Blue
20427557 Black/Pink
20427558 Black/Orange
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