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Replacement set for type Besto United Moulders

Afbeelding uitvergroten
United Moulders (MK5) “All Weather”(standard) Sets
Article Number Type Buoyancy Content Suitable for
20427021 Auto Set MK5 100N 24g Junior
20427020 Auto Set MK5 150N/165N 33g Adult
20427035 Auto Set MK5 180/190N 38g Adult
20427016 Auto Set MK5 275N/300N 60g Adult
United Moulders (CXI) “Clear Indicator” (Window) Pro Sensor < Sept. ‘18
Article Number Type Buoyancy Content Suitable for
20427028 Auto Set CXI 100N 24g Junior
20427026 Auto Set CXI 150N/165N 33g Adult
20427038 Auto Set CXI 180/190N 38g Adult
20427027 Auto Set CXI 275N/300N 60g Adult
United Moulders “Elite” Dual Point Indicator > Sept. ‘18
Article Number Type Buoyancy Content Suitable for
20427050 Auto Set Elite 100N 24g Junior
20427051 Auto Set Elite 150N/165N 33g Adult
20427053 Auto Set Elite 180N/190N 38g Adult
20427054 Auto Set Elite 220N 45g Adult
20427052 Auto Set Elite 275N/300N 60g Adult
Article Number Type Buoyancy Content Suitable for
20425004 CO2 Cylinder 100N 24g Junior
20425005 CO2 Cylinder 150N/165N 33g Adult
20427040 CO2 Cylinder 180/190N 38g Adult
20425006 CO2 Cylinder 220N 45g Adult
20427013 CO2 Cylinder 275N/300N 60g Adult
Article Number Cartridge Model
20425115 Auto Cartridge UML "All Weather"
Article Number Cartridge Model
20427012 Auto Cartridge UML "Clear Indicator"
Article Number Cartridge Model
20425120 Auto Cartridge UML "Elite"
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20425115 20427012 20425120

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