Hero has a range of liferafts which have been designed and developed according to European norms and standards. All materials used have been selected to provide the best protection in the most harsh conditions while giving comfort sitting inside the raft. Both production and the rafts itself are under a permanent quality control to provide maximum safety when you need it. The production plant is ISO9001 certified and each raft will be checked on at least 100 checkpoints before it leaves the factory. Besides this quality checks the production and rafts are also under compliance control of the RINA classification office.

Hero managed to produce a liferaft that is compliant with the highest standards but also managed to pack the rafts in the most economical way to safe important space on board of the yacht.
Lankhorst Taselaar | Komeet 13 | 8448 CG | Heerenveen (industrieterrein IBF)