Water filter "Aqua Filta"

• Drinking water filter with carbon.
• Removes chlorine, unpleasant smells, tastes and colors of your drinking water on board.
• The use of carbon that is impregnated with silver prevents bacterial growth in the filter bed.
• The filter housing features 180° swivel hose connection 13mm (1/2").
• Shut-off valve, so that filter element can be removed, also under pressure.
• Replace seperate filter annually
• Capacity: 14l/min
• Pressure: max. 4.2bar
• Dimensions: HxWxD 230 x 140 x 100mm
• Weight: 0,5kg
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Article Number Man. no Description
17492001 59000-1000 Aqua filta complete
17492002 59100-0000 Spare filter
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